Patch-o-matic (patch for iptable) for linux2.4.08 & iptable1.2.7a

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Old 11-03-2005
Patch-o-matic (patch for iptables) for linux2.4.20-8 & iptables1.2.7a

Hello friends I'm running Redhat 9.0 with linux kernel 2.4.20-8 & have iptables version 1.2.7a & encountering a problem that I narrate down.

I need to apply patch to my iptable and netfilter for connection tracking and load balancing that are available in patch-o-matic distribution by netfilter.

Now the problem is that I've downloaded the patch-o-matic-ng-20040621 but when I try to install the patches (after setting KERNEL_DIR & IPTABLES_DIR)
#./runme extra
I get either of two errors "Your linux2.4.20 is too old error at line 214" or
"Your iptables1.2.7a is too old error at line 214" ( I'm also surprised that why I get two shorts of error and that only one is shown in random fashion.)

So I wanted to know what can I do to install these patches. And if I've chosen a wrong patch-o-matic please tell me the right one for my version of kernel and iptables.
Only thing important to me is the patch for new matches for connection tracking and nth packet match (this patch in p-o-m is nth).

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iptables-save [-M modprobe] [-c] [-t table] ip6tables-save [-M modprobe] [-c] [-t table] DESCRIPTION
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