Configure IP Based on HW Serial #

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Configure IP Based on HW Serial #


I'm extremely green when it comes to Bash and Unix scripting, however I understand the language and flows but being so green to Linux i don't know the commands.

what i need to do is make an IF statement as follows:

If SERIAL# Equals 1234 IPADDRESS = etc...

so far I've figured out that i can use the following command to get the HW serial #:

sudo /usr/sbin/dmidecode -t 1 | grep -e 'Serial Number' | cut -f 2

however i don't know how to set the output of this command as a variable.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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serial=`sudo /usr/sbin/dmidecode -t 1 | grep -e 'Serial Number' | cut -f 2`
if [ $serial=="1234" ]; then
  ifconfig eth0 inet

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Originally Posted by bartus11
serial=`sudo /usr/sbin/dmidecode -t 1 | grep -e 'Serial Number' | cut -f 2`
if [ $serial=="1234" ]; then
  ifconfig eth0 inet

bartus, that works wonderfully but when i execute it as a script it tells me

[root@localhost Desktop]# ./test
./test: line 2: [: Number:: binary operator expected

could it have something to do with the fact that the serial number contains letters too?
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