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Network mapper based on zone files ?

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Old 05-31-2011
Question Network mapper based on zone files ?

Good morning,

Say I have a zone file like this:
Code:      86400   IN      A      86400   IN      A               86400   IN      NS   86400   IN      A               86400   IN      NS               86400   IN      NS               86400   IN      NS               86400   IN      NS               86400   IN      MX      10               86400   IN      MX      30          86400   IN      NS

I am looking for network-mapper type software that would read the zone file and produce a graphical representation (Visio-style) of the network, along with IP addresses and respective ranges.

This is to have a clearer view of the whole network setup.
For instance, I would like to have a breakdown of all hosts by IP range.
Basically, I would need to resolve hostname entries (based on zone file records or ripe/arin) then join together the hosts that belong to the same range.

Classic network mapper applications are not suitable for my need as they are based on host discovery techniques and run on your LAN.
This is for a somewhat large organization and they use a couple subdomains too. I also have several zones for the subdomains.
The organization has presence in a few countries and owns a few IP blocks, and a number of websites are also with webhosts.

I was wondering if I could possibly get software recommendations to get the job done Smilie
I was going to write some bash but maybe there is no need to reinvent the wheel Smilie

Thanks Smilie
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Old 06-01-2011
Just rearrainging the A records, with awk or sed, and sorting is a good start.
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Old 06-07-2011
Once sorted, you can indent them in groups by network or domain.

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