Nagios plugins

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Nagios plugins

I don't like the standard monitoring plugins for Nagios. After hours of checking out alternatives, I finally decided to develop some own alternatives (and spend days Smilie).
The goal was to make system monitoring simple. (And not: getting as many details as possible.)
The plugins are written in standard shell. They work on Linux and Solaris and many other Unixes. They work well with nrpe (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor).
The attached zip file contains a text file DESCRIPTION that shortly describes the functions.
With some shell writing skills it should be easy to port the plugins to other monitoring tools.

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I have added a new check ""
For practical reason it defaults to "crond?", so the same check finds "crond" or "cron" children. And that's the number of the currently running cron jobs.
But you can give an argument "sshd" or "httpd" or ".*-httpd" or ...
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