Tuxedo server monitoring

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Tuxedo server monitoring


I like to use tmadmin commands to monitor running application in tuxedo server 12c.But When i use tmadmin help command i get only meta commands.But i like to check printconn,printclient,printserver like that.But these commands are not avaialble in list.I here pasted the help command output.Can any one help me to get the above mentioned commands in tmadmin.
Help command output:
boot (b) [options]
crdl (crdl) -b blocks -z config -o configoffset [-O newdefoffset] [newdevice]
crlog (crlg) -m machine
default (d) [-c clientname] [-g groupname] [-i srvid] [-m machine]
        [-q qaddress] [-s service] [-u username]
        [-b blocks] [-o offset] [-z config] [-a {0|1|2}]
        [-I interface] [-B objectid] [-r routingname]
        [-p jdbcconnpool]
dsdl (dsdl) [-yes] -z config [-o offset] dlindex
dslog (dslg) [-yes] -m machine
dumpmem (dumem) fname
dumptlog (dl) -z config [-o offset] [-n name] [-g groupname [-R rmid]] filename
echo (e) [{off | on}]
help (h) [{command | all}]
initdl (indl) [-yes] -z config [-o offset] dlindex
inlog (inlog) [-yes] -m machine
lidl (lidl) -z config [-o offset] [dlindex]
livtoc (livtoc) -z config [-o offset]
loadmem (loadmem) fname
paginate (page) [{off | on}]
quit (q)
stoptlisten (stoptl) [-m machine]
verbose (v) [{off | on}]

Thank you

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Please use code tags next time for your code and data. Thanks

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