sed help,,kind of urgent!!

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Old 03-10-2009
sed help,,kind of urgent!!

Hello All,
My problem is:
I want to replace a line from a file with sed. The first word in that line is always the same in every server. The second line is server model, which of course will vary from platform to platform and I need to leave that word as it is. After the second word, I need to add two words at the end of that line.
serverName Sun-Fire 200 (this is by default)
lets say if the server model is V480, then my output should be:
serverName V480 (test server) (commentSmilie

thanks in advance guys!!
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Old 03-10-2009
Your description is a little confusing. Do you need to alter the second word, the second line, or the second word on the second line?

In any case, you can do this very simply with a Perl one-liner using the $. variable (which is the current line number) and a regular expression. Please post sample input and sample output from that input if you'd like me to give you the one-liner. That is, if you're open to a Perl solution.
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Old 03-10-2009
May be I will stick to korn shell for the time being.
Here is my simple question,
original content of a particular line in a file:
sysdescr Sun SNMP Agent, Sun-Fire-T2000
I need to modify the above line with:
sysdescr Sun SNMP Agent, Sun-Fire-T2000 - abcd - wxyz
All I want is add (- abcd - wxyz) at the end of this line in a file using sed.

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Old 03-10-2009

Replace PATTERN with the selection criterion for the line.

sed '/PATTERN/ s/$/- abcd - wxyz/'

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