How to find the memory in HP-Unix?

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Operating Systems HP-UX How to find the memory in HP-Unix?
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Old 07-31-2008
How to find the memory in HP-Unix?


I have a HP-Unix server, version B.11.23. Can someone tell me how to find out the physical memory & virtual memory (swap) in my server? & what is Page fault? & is there any limitation for page fault?

Thank you. Your help is appreciated.
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Old 07-31-2008
its eaiser on older HP-UX but here is what I came up with on 11.23

This gets you the Physical Memory.


$cmd = "print_manifest | grep -i memory";
$q = `$cmd`;

$q =~ m/\s+Main Memory:\s+(\d+)\s+\S+/;
$mem = $1 * 1000;
print "physmem=$mem";

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Old 07-31-2008
Also look at:

swapinfo -t
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Old 07-31-2008
Thank you. However, can you give me any command for it? I have tried vmstat, swapinfo & glance.
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Old 07-31-2008
For physical memory:
print_manifest | grep -i memory

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Old 08-02-2008
#dmesg | grep -i physical
#machinfo | grep -i memory
#swapinfo -tam
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Old 08-03-2008
Originally Posted by pradeepm
#dmesg | grep -i physical
#machinfo | grep -i memory
#swapinfo -tam
be careful with dmesg, the buffer is sometime not large enough and gets cut off.
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