Get CPU speed without root permissions

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Operating Systems HP-UX Get CPU speed without root permissions
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Old 07-11-2007
Get CPU speed without root permissions

How can I get the CPUs speed without root permissions?

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Old 07-11-2007
I think that the pstat system calls are available to ordinary users, but I'm not sure. Try this script:

    local($PSTAT, $PSTAT_PROCESSOR) = (239, 10);        # pstat_getprocessor
    local($struct_pst_processor) = ("L30");
    local($cpu_info, $cpu_ticks);

    $cpu_info = "\0" x 120;
    syscall($PSTAT, $PSTAT_PROCESSOR, $cpu_info, length($cpu_info), 1, 0);

    ($cpu_ticks) = (unpack($struct_pst_processor, $cpu_info))[26];

        print $cpu_ticks/10000 . "\n";

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Old 07-12-2007
It worked on B.10.20, B.11.00 and B.11.11 versions. It fails on two B.11.23 servers, it says that cpu speed is 0. Any thoughts?
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