Is there any way to get old HP-UX versions?

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Operating Systems HP-UX Is there any way to get old HP-UX versions?
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Is there any way to get old HP-UX versions?

I got my hands on a HP9000/380 and need a (really) old version of HP-UX, like 7 or 8.

Is there any vendor who sells older versions? I did a quick search here and checked the FAQ and HPs HP-UX site but couldn't find anything. Smilie

Any help is appreciated!
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It may not be worth it to install such an old version of HP-UX. Why not try installing Linux?
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Originally Posted by blowtorch
It may not be worth it to install such an old version of HP-UX. Why not try installing Linux?
I suppose I could have Linux or NetBSD on the machine, I would just prefer to have HP-UX on it if possible.
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Sometimes you see old versions on Ebay, but I've never seen anything that old. I think that 7 was the first version to be offered on CD, but I'm not sure. I am sure that CD would not be the only option for 7, so you specify what media you are expecting. You might get it on open reel tape or CS-80 tape or DDS tape. At least 7 was on all three of these media for the 800's... I never used a 300 series box.
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I have placed an ad in Sweden for Version 6.x, 7.x, 8.0/01/05/07 or 9.0/01/03/10 for Series 300 as those seems to be the supported versions and yes, I listed that I wanted CD-ROM as the media. Smilie
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