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Status of hardware in HpUx

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Operating Systems HP-UX Status of hardware in HpUx
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Old 04-16-2015
Tools Status of hardware in HpUx

We would like to know a HP Utility or any Unix command that can give the exact status of PCI Gigabit Ethernet cable (lan cable) We had tried to execute

ioscan -fnC lan

The status appears to be the same when the cable is plugged & unplugged and also when the lan is disabled & enabled via SAM tool.

Kindly suggest a solution. It would be of great help if you can share your knowledge for obtaining the status of the below hardwares too.
1) Bus Adapters 2) USB Interface 3) USB root hub 4) RS-232 Interface

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Old 04-19-2015
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Old 04-21-2015
Thanks for the replay.

But we tried cstm, it wouldn't show the status even the drive or adapter removed.
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Old 05-29-2015

 # nwmgr
 Name/          Interface Station          Sub-   Interface      Related
ClassInstance  State     Address        system   Type           Interface
============== ========= ============== ======== ============== =========
lan0           UP        0xC4346B23D0A0 iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR     lan900
lan1           UP        0xC4346B23D0A4 iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR     lan900
lan2           UP        0xC4346B23D0A8 iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR
lan3           DOWN      0xC4346B23D0AC iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR
lan4           DOWN      0x5065F3F4125C iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR
lan5           DOWN      0x5065F3F41260 iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR
lan6           DOWN      0x5065F3F41264 iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR
lan7           DOWN      0x5065F3F41268 iocxgbe  10GBASE-KR
lan900         UP        0xC4346B23D0A0 hp_apa   hp_apa
lan901         DOWN      0x000000000000 hp_apa   hp_apa
lan902         DOWN      0x000000000000 hp_apa   hp_apa
lan903         DOWN      0x000000000000 hp_apa   hp_apa
lan904         DOWN      0x000000000000 hp_apa   hp_apa

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Old 05-29-2015
Did you try lanadmin -s 0 ? (if PPA = 0)

      -s                  Display the current link speed setting of the
                          interface corresponding to PPA.

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Old 06-01-2015

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