CVSWeb - Directories listed but files not listed

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Operating Systems HP-UX CVSWeb - Directories listed but files not listed
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Old 09-16-2005
Data CVSWeb - Directories listed but files not listed

I am using CVSWeb on HPUnix.

When i access it, all directories are listed but files are not listed.

I am getting the error "NOTE: There are 51 files, but none matches the current tag. "
in tomcat sevrer log i am getting the message "rlog warning: Missing revision or branch number after -r"

I have selected ALL TAGS / DEFAULT BRANCH in the user interface.

i checked the RCS installation and results are below

/usr/bin: ll /usr/bin/rlog
-r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 73728 Nov 14 2000 /usr/bin/rlog
/usr/bin: ll /usr/bin/rcs*
-r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 81920 Nov 14 2000 /usr/bin/rcs
-r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 45056 Nov 14 2000 /usr/bin/rcsdiff
-r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 45056 Nov 14 2000 /usr/bin/rcsmerge

I am so close to displaying everything except the files.

Please help.
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Directories(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						    Directories(4)

Directories - Contains queued requests for file transfers and command executions on remote systems SYNOPSIS
/usr/spool/uucp/SystemName DESCRIPTION
The /usr/spool/uucp/SystemName directories are the uucp program spooling directories on the local system. The uucp program creates a Sys- temName directory for each system listed in the /usr/adm/uucp/Systems file, including the local system. Each SystemName directory contains queued requests issued by local users for file transfers to remote systems and for command executions on remote systems. The uucp program uses several types of administrative files to transfer data between systems. These files are stored in the SystemName directories. They are: Contain directions for the uucico daemon concerning file transfers. Contain data to be sent to remote systems by the uucico daemon. Contain instructions for running commands on remote systems. Contain data files after their transfer to the remote system until the uucp program can deliver them to their final destinations (usually the /usr/spool/uucppublic directory). RELATED INFORMATION
Daemons: uucico(8), uusched(8), uuxqt Commands: uucp(1), uux(1) delim off Directories(4)

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