After becoming HP UX 11iV3 System Admin

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Operating Systems HP-UX After becoming HP UX 11iV3 System Admin
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After becoming HP UX 11iV3 System Admin

What is a logical step forward to learn much more about HP UX?
Learn HP Integrity BladeSystem Administration or learn more about scripting?
Learn more about storage?

Can someone tell me how to become more effective? I am already working with HP UX everyday.

Thanks a lot for every reply I can get SmilieSmilie

Greetz Arjan
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Most of your questions/time/frustration will relate to everyday questions that you have to use complex commands or small scripts to answer.

Learn the base command set really well (e.g., tar and so on) , learn to script in one shell (say ksh) really well.

The other stuff kinda rears its ugly head sporadically, and at that point you have to invest a little time in research and reading. That is, until you have learned commands and scripting, then spend more time reading. Learning this stuff is helped immensely by having a sandbox, an area like a DEV HPUX box where you can play and not break anything that matters.
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You need a machine you can play with... If you dont have that at work, try to find one second hand... I suppose an old D class would be dead cheap... because there is differences between daily job, and installing or trying to reboot a server that crashed etc...
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Learn Backup and Restore to Disaster Recovery level. This is the first and most important responsibility of the Systems Administrator.
Practice, rehearse, be confident and competent.
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3 replies already Smilie thanks for youre comments Smilie
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