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FTP user files permissions problems!!!

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Operating Systems HP-UX FTP user files permissions problems!!!
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Old 04-06-2005
FTP user files permissions problems!!!


I have a problem with my ftp accounts whereby if any external ftp party connects to our server and puts any file in a directory on our server. The file permissons are always -rw-r----- and no read for others.

I have adjusted the ftp user .profile to include 'umask 022' but this only works if I 'su' on the server itself and create files with permissions levels

For any connections from remote site login as the same user I have su'ed as the permissions always default to -rw-r----- . Any way I can make a change so that permissions are always -rw-r--r-- for any ftp remote user connections.

Gurus please assist.

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Old 04-06-2005
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Old 04-07-2005
FTP file access

Hi Perderabo,

I'm still abit confused for HP-UX. The fix is for solaris from what I understand and HP-UX does not have the /etc/defaults folder. I have also tried to adjust the umask value in .profile file in the users home directory but this still doesn't work.

Any ideas for Hp-UX in particular?

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Old 04-07-2005
Well, what about the other stuff in that thread? First, if you follow the link in that thread, you will read about the "site umask" command which will work. And did you notice my comment "I will add that with some ftpd programs there is an option for the default umask on the command line."? Looking at the HP-UX ftpd man page, and sure enough, there it is, "-u umask". While you're on that man page, be sure to notice
The following non-standard or HP-UX specific commands are supported by the SITE command:


Change umask. (e.g., SITE UMASK 002)

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