Seeing different output from who -u in global INIT and local SRP

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Operating Systems HP-UX Seeing different output from who -u in global INIT and local SRP
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Old 07-01-2010
Seeing different output from who -u in global INIT and local SRP

I am seeing different output from "who -u" when we execute "who -u" in global INIT and local SRP after calling telnet, rlogin and remsh. We are not seeing correct output when we login to local SRP using telnet, rlogin and remsh.
srp_init just creates an UTMP entry in the UTMP database. Based my knowledge telnetd, rlogind and remshd and login fills the entry along with e_exit value when they create a session.
Based on our analysis ...
It is true that who -r will be showing entries from local utmp database that are updated by telnetd, rlogind and remshd based on e_exit value that is being set in the utmp entry.
From who command source, if e_exit=1 then who command thinks it has a "tty" rather then a "pty" and it won't display what we have written for e_host, instead the who command will retrieve the local hostname and display it. hence when we run who -u in local host instead of remote host name we could see a local host name.
For testing when we change the local SRP hostname to "foo" then the output of "who -u" displayed "foo"
Then I compiled a modified version of the "who" command that ignored the e_exit field can correctly display the e_host field (which is the name of the remote host that the telnetd or rlogin originated from).
I assume telnetd, rlogind, remshd /login will add an utmp entry when they create a session and also they set e_exit value. Could you please verify what value do they set in the local SRP for e_exit?
Seems to be telnetd, rlogind, remshd /login are writing utmp entries with e_exit = 1 even for pseudo pty's is that correct behavior?
In our srp init, we check pty or tty to set the e_exit value.
While we telnet into global we run "who –u" the output is after telnet from remote machine to global INIT
# who -u
root console Jun 17 11:39 0:01 2305 system console
root pts/ta Jun 23 12:29 . 12179

While we telnet into local SRP we run "who -u" the output is
# who -u
root pts/ta Jun 23 12:30 . 12236 hpindwqz

"rlogin" and "remsh" commands have the same problem.
But command "ssh" works well.
root@hpindhqc $ ssh hpindwqz
The authenticity of host 'hpindwqz (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 89:1d:6c:43:fc:cc:c8:42:b7:65:3b:a9:ab:40:7b:6e.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
# hostname
# who -u
root pts/0 Jun 24 06:05 . 5852

Please respond.Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Madhur Tripathi

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Old 07-02-2010
It is true that who -r will be showing entries from local utmp database that are updated by telnetd
Not " who -R " ?

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Wouldnt some explanation be found in:
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