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Operating Systems HP-UX Login Shell
# 1  
Login Shell

Hi all

I would like to know what my current shell is? i.e The shell at the time of login.

I knw the below commands

echo $SHELL

but this is not doing the job..

Any other way to find it?

What is the below line doin?

ps -ef | grep $PPID

Will this fetchn the corret shell the user is in?
# 2  
grep <youraccount> /etc/passwd...
# 3  
Hi Vbe

Yes, this is possible. But what in case the user is in a ldap directory?
# 4  
cho $SHELL
but this is not doing the job..
What does this return?
# 5  
maybe :
 ps -ef|grep "$$"|grep -ve grep -e ps

# 6  
ps -p$$

# 7  
Quite right radoulov!
But I was expecting someone coming up with a "killer" sed stuff, not something that easySmilie

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