SUN Cluster Vs Veritas Cluster

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Old 06-06-2007
SUN Cluster Vs Veritas Cluster

Dear All,

Can anyone explain about Pros and Cons of SUN and Veritas Cluster ?

Any comparison chart is highly appreciated.

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Old 06-06-2007
This wikipedia article on clusters has some information towards the end.
The major differences between the two are that Sun Cluster is very tightly coupled with Solaris, while VCS is not. In the same vein, Sun Cluster works at kernel-level while having a few user-level processes, while VCS works exclusively at user-level (no kernel-level integration with any of the OSes).
The drawback with Sun Cluster is that it is available only on Solaris systems, while VCS runs on multiple OSes. This might be a factor if you have multiple unix systems (HP-UX, AIX, etc) and want to have a single clustering solution.
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Old 06-06-2007
i am working with both for some years now, and i am certified as "high availability designer for unix"... on my own opinion, i like the integration of the SunCluster more than VCS. like blowtorch said, the SunCluster is a kernel cluster which gives you very fast error detection, VCS just monitors the environment with "scripts" and daemons. to say that VCS uses "no kernel-level integration" is not true at all, because the cluster communication uses two kernel modules called "gab" and "llt"; anyhow, these two modules comes with the VCS but can be also found at some other products..
VCS has a nice user interface (GUI) and is "easy" to manage, where the SunCluster is a bit more "unix like". it's true to say that VCS was one of the best cluster solution in the past, comparing it to SunCluster 2.2. but since SC 3.0 the SunCluster became better and better. Looking at SC_3.1-U4 vs. VCS 4.1 i would miss nothing in SC what i need in a cluster environment. The latest version of SunCluster is 3.2 (released in 01/07), which brings a lot of new features. no question, VCS 5.0 is a massive product, but i when i am reading the release notes of VCS, i always think about a big table where 100 product managers think about new features no one really needs; reading the SunCluster release notes reminds me on 100 engineers planning how they could increase the availability of a cluster environment. Smilie
another point to think about are the costs, with VCS you must buy VxVM aswell, and every nice feature is an extra license (best example io-fencing) licenses based on tier levels... SunCluster could be used for free inside the Java Enterprise System without support... if you buy SunCluster, you get all features it would provide for one price... the SunCluster uses standard features from solaris like IPMP, MPxIO, UFS or SVM/LVM, with VCS you get thinks like VxVM, VxDMP, GAB/LLT or even VxFS Smilie
at the end of the day, i like to get support for all products from one hand, there can be no finger pointing in extreme emergency.... Smilie

but once again, many of my costumers are very happy with their VCS and many are very happy with SC... Smilie It's purely a matter of taste....
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Old 11-13-2008
VCS + Solaris 5.10 + IPMP ???

I have one question? Does VCS 5 on Solaris 10 work with IPMP / nic bonding? I have a college that insists that it doesn't?
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Old 11-13-2008
It can with IPMP, but you have to use it in place of mutinicb. We use both IPMP and multinicb on different products. I have never tried it with bonding but know that this can also be done with multinic, at least from 5.0 MP3 but it requres that the MultiNICB agent attributeIgnoreLinkStatus=1 and all interfaces belonging to the same MultiNICB resource be on the same subnet.
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