request more nodes

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request more nodes

I am new to cluster commands. But I have tried utilizing: -pe, but I do not know my parallel computing environment. We are running SGE, is there a simpler command to request more nodes?

qsub -N auto -M -m abe

does not email me at all.

Help would be appreciated
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cmdo(1m)																  cmdo(1m)

cmdo - Execute process on multiple remote Serviceguard nodes. SYNOPSIS
cmdo [[-n node_name]...] [-t timeout] command DESCRIPTION
cmdo will execute a process on a multiple remote Serviceguard nodes and return any output or return value. cmdo is limited in several ways. cmdo is best suited for situations where other remote execution facilities are not available. For a more full featured tool for remote execution within a cluster, see cexec(1m) provided by Distributed Systems Administration Utilities. To use this command, the local user must have the root access role on each of the involved nodes. For more information on Serviceguard access control policies, see the manual, Managing Serviceguard. To use the cmdo command without specifying -n options, the local node must be configured into a Serviceguard cluster. If no -n options are specified, the command will be executed on all available nodes in the cluster. The command will be executed in an environment which matches the local node. All environment variables defined locally will be available on the remote node. Output from stderr and stdout for the remote process will be combined and delivered in one transmission. This command should not be used for interactive commands or commands which will return large quantities of output. Output from each node will be displayed sequentially as the operation is executed on each remote node. Input via stdin is not supported. Killing the cmdo process does not stop any remote executions of the command. cmdo should not be used on any command which may hang without specifying a timeout value. Options And Arguments -t timeout Kill the executed command if it does not exit within the specified timeout (in seconds) -n node_name Serviceguard node to execute command on. If no -n options are specified, all the nodes configured in the cluster are used. command Command to execute on remote node. May be quoted. RETURN VALUE
cmdo returns the following values: 0 Successful completed on all nodes. >0 Command failed on one or more nodes with the specified exit value. EXAMPLES
Execute an 'ls' in a remote directory on all nodes within the cluster. cmdo ls /tmp Execute an 'ls' in a remote directory on two nodes not configured within a Serviceguard cluster. cmdo -n node1 -n node2 ls /tmp AUTHOR
cmdo was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cexec(1m), cmcp(1m), cmexec(1m), cmsync(1m), cmquerycl(1m), cmviewcl(1m) Requires Optional Serviceguard Software cmdo(1m)

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