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Google Chrome Mobile?

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Google Chrome Mobile?

I know that Google Chrome came out with the Android under a Unix based system, but did it come out yet for Windows Mobile? I have Windows Mobile 6 on my device.

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miprod.conf(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						    miprod.conf(4)

miprod.conf - Mobile IPv4 Route Optimization configuration file SYNOPSIS
(default file name) DESCRIPTION
When invoked, the Mobile IPv4 Route Optimization daemon, reads its configuration information from its default file name. This file is created by Mobile IPv4's configuration program, This program requires 'root' access and this file must be created in order for to run correctly. Syntax The basic structure of the configuration file consists of one mandatory section and one optional section. They are delimited by curly braces in the form: . . . Each section generally contains a series of lines, each line providing the value for one configuration option in the form For the most part, white spaces are ignored and a line beginning with '#' comments out the rest of the line. The configuration file consists of two sections, and is mandatory section while is optional. The keys Section The section contains a list of authentication keys between the Correspondent Node (CN) and the Home Agent (HA) for authenticating Binding Update messages from the Home Agent. Syntax: These fields are: HA is the Home Agent IP address. spi is the Security Parameter Index, a 32-bit integer. Values 0-255 are reserved and cannot be used. algo is the hashing algorithm used for this security association. Accepted algorithms are hmac-md5 and md5. tstamp means to use time-stamping for replay protection. key is the authentication key (16 bytes). Each byte is entered in two digits separated by a space. The ether Section The section is optional and is used to specify the source IP address used when the daemon creates a tunnel to the Mobile Node or the For- eign Agent. The two labels for this section are and If this section is omitted, will do a gethostbyname() call for the local system to obtain an IP address for the source tunnel. The syntax and description for the two labels are given below. where value is the name of the network interface card that supports Mobile IPv4. where value is the primary IP address for interface given above. EXAMPLE
An example of a file is shown below. AUTHOR
was originally developed by Carnegie Mellon University to run on the the FreeBSD platform and was ported to HP-UX 11i v1 by Hewlett- Packard. This software is copyrighted 1995, 1996 by Carnegie Mellon University. SEE ALSO
miproconfig(1M). miprod.conf(4)

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