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Java install


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Old Unix and Linux 12-20-2016   -   Original Discussion by Phuti
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Java install

Hi Guys

I have installed latest java version 8.0, but now when I use java -version I still get an old version.

How do I correct this ?

Thanks in advance...
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Old Unix and Linux 12-20-2016   -   Original Discussion by Phuti
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Look at the environment variable JAVA_PATH:


It is probably set up incorrectly. Check your PATH variable as well.
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Old Unix and Linux 03-15-2017   -   Original Discussion by Phuti
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You can also use the eslelect tool so choose between versions of installed packages
Old Unix and Linux 05-24-2017   -   Original Discussion by Phuti
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Java - Gentoo Wiki

You if you emrege -uDNa @world as well as emerge --depclean afterwards you probably would have gotten the old java unmerged anyway... unless there was a dependancy pulling it in. not very likely though.

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