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Recognizing storage from server

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Special Forums Hardware Filesystems, Disks and Memory Recognizing storage from server
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Recognizing storage from server


I need to know what are the storages attached to some of our corporate servers. I run this command from the server only to get a list of WWNs :

# /usr/local/bin/evainfo -a
Devicefile                      Array                   WWNN                            Capacity        Controller/Port/Mode
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d1        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d1        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d1        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d1       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d1       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d1       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d1       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d1       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0060-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d5       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d5       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d5       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d5       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d5        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d5        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d5        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d5       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03D4-0000       38912MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d2       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d2       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d2       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d2       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d2        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d2        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d2        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d2       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00A2-0000       30720MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d3       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d3       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d3       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d3       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d3        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d3        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d3        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d3       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-6FFC-0001-0000-00CF-0000        1024MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d4       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d6       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d6       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d4       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d6       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d6       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d4       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d6        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d6        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d4       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d6        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d6       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0424-0000      522240MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d4        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d4        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d4        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d4       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-03CC-0000       51200MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d7       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-A/FP-1/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c16t0d7       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-B/FP-1/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c18t0d7       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-A/FP-3/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c20t0d7       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-B/FP-3/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c5t0d7        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-A/FP-2/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c7t0d7        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-B/FP-2/NonOptimized
/dev/rdsk/c9t0d7        5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-A/FP-4/Optimized
/dev/rdsk/c11t0d7       5000-1FE1-500A-F8F0 6005-08B4-0010-7000-0001-2000-0165-0000      204800MB       Ctl-B/FP-4/NonOptimized

How do I use the WWNs above to find out the storage that is attached to the server?

For example, the storages that are available for us are like EVA8K, EVA4K, and EMC. These storages of course have their own IP addresses. How do I match the WWNs above and figure out which one of the storages we have is attached to it?
# 2  
You can review the "List of OUIs commonly seen as WWN Company Identifiers" in Wikipedia

in your case

00:60:B0 Hewlett-Packard - Integrity and HP9000 servers. WWIDs begin with 5006.0b0
00:11:0A Hewlett-Packard - ProLiant servers. Formerly Compaq. WWIDs begin with 5001.10a
00:01:FE Hewlett-Packard - EVA disk arrays. Formerly Digital Equipment Corporation. WWIDs begin with 5000.1fe1 or 6000.1fe1
00:17:A4 Hewlett-Packard - MSL tape libraries. Formerly Global Data Services. WWIDs begin with 200x.0017.a4
00:60:16 EMC Corporation, for CLARiiON/VNX
00:60:48 EMC Corporation, for Symmetrix DMX
00:00:97 EMC Corporation, for Symmetrix VMAX

the code 01FE have references to EVA storage, the rest of WWN must be related the system serial number and the port used to map storage to servers, only need review these values on the administration console or may be in the SAN Switches.

I hope that this can be useful for you

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