Some question about SAN on HP 4400 EVA

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Some question about SAN on HP 4400 EVA

Good morning.
For testing purpose i have buy a SAN DISK SHELF
i need now a controller(hsv300) and a switch SAN
Is my first SAN so i'm a little confused about cables.
For testing we use an old rx2600 hp server
the adapter is HP A6795AX A6795-62001
Some fast questions:
i need an fc/fc cable for connect the switch to SAN?Or a SFP+?
And for connect the controller to switch?
If i run a server with hba without connect to san will give me problems?(i want to do this for see if adapter work,i buy it refurbished)
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So... generally for a minimal san, as you mentioned there is the storage, the switch and the host side.

I all of those case if the "holes" look like an empty rectangular hole, then those holes are missing SFP+ modules. In some cases you can purchase Twinax cables instead of going fiber to do this, in which case the SFP+ sides come with the cable, because your HP through and through, an HP rep can probabably see you such a cable. It will probably come out cheaper then individual SFP+'s and fiber cabling.

With all that said, the SFP+ is important, as vendors just don't generically handle SFP+'s. So make sure you get the right SFP+ for your devices. HP should be able to help.

And yes, you need connection from HBA (host) to switch and from storage to switch. Often times multiple for redundancy (multipath). You'll want multipath if this for enterprise use. If for home, then just single runs will do for playing around with SAN.

If going "discount" you probably would have done better with something more generic (like Nexsan) vs. an EVA. That way you have less problems with SFP's. My favorite is Qlogic switches, HBAs and Nexsan. But I know that Qlogic isn't going to popular anymore.

Today, I'd go Arista 10GBase-T, and go all copper Cat-6A for iSCSI. More generic, costs a lot less overall. But that's if I'm defining something new for the enterprise. If FC, then my choice (in the near past) would have been Qlogic HBAs, Qlogic switch (at least 8Gbit) and Nexsan. I'm a bit frustrated by the FC world right now, though I like it over iSCSI (better performing, easier to work with). Mainly because of all the SFP+ lock in.

FCoE? Suffers from too many of the same problems as iSCSI. To me these are just about equal. Theoretically easier to setup FCoE vs. iSCSI though.

And yes you can go straight from storage to host HBA. You dont' have to have a SAN.
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The holes in hba are those


is fc/fc cable good?

Can you suggest me a good san switch for eva4400?
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Ok, so the SFP+ module is there. Ideally you just need the fibre cable. And it's lc/lc multimode cable that you need.

With regards to a good SAN switch for an HP EVA....not sure. I just threw out a working 2Gbit one (timing is everything). I beware of anthing with an IBM logo on as they tend to sell good stuff, but dumbed down (IBM rarely makes anything) and licensed per port. Again, in the past my favorite has been Qlogic, like a 5200 series.... check ebay, you might find one licensed for all ports and containing all SFPs (make sure you check to make sure how many ports are enabled).

Happy hunting!
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Thanks i will search for qlogic 2G
# 6  
Hopefully the qlogic will work. The "VENDORS" are weird... and so sometimes the make it so you have run "THEIR" stuff only. Qlogic IMHO, was one of the best at tolerating "VENDOR" devices though.

VENDOR = well meaning big names that try to lock you into buying only their devices.
# 7  
Yes,they make their interest only.
I prefer open things,for example two years ago i bought a f***ed
sat decoder+pvr from Humax.
I think was open source(it include open source sw,is based on linux).
But for commercial reason(sic!) they encrypt with hw key all movie recorderd on decoder!
So you can record movie...for watch only on their decoders.
And support only nagra and conax encryption!
Compare it with a VU+ or better with a fanless pc+yavdr
You can get about 6 different ecnryption CI and recording movie for watching after on TV,on decoder,on your pc,whenever you want!
Sorry for off-topic but explain the situation good,imho
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