Missing some System Settings from Gnome

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Operating Systems Linux Fedora Missing some System Settings from Gnome
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Old 02-05-2012
Missing some System Settings from Gnome

Hello, I just installed Fedora 16 and wanted to add some apps to startup but realized System settings has only a small setup of utilities and does not have option for adding apps to startup. Also it's missing some other icons that I see on my Rhat 6.2 . I'm logged in as user from admin group but it sounds that either I don't have nessessary persmission or some packages or etc. Could someone help me to fix this issue? btw running from prompt gnome-control-centre does not bring more options than I have from System settings. Thanks in advance.
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Old 02-05-2012
The GNOME 3 Shell paradigm is completely different than what you are used to with GNOME 2. Like night and day.

For example. you used to be able to right click on the panel and choose 'Create custom launcher' in Gnome 2, but that does not work with GNOME Shell. To create launchers in GNOME Shell, you have to use something like Alacarte or use a Shell extension.
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Old 02-05-2012
- fpmurphy,
I understand that and that's fine with me ... but the problem is that I can't control some administrative features in my box. e.g. I want to add some apps to start at logon time but I can't get to those controls.

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Originally Posted by susja
- fpmurphy,
I understand that and that's fine with me ... but the problem is that I can't control some administrative features in my box. e.g. I want to add some apps to start at logon time but I can't get to those controls.
well I just realized (when I ran again 'live' installation disk that at the end it complaint that likely my hardware doesn't have right spec or drivers and therefore I'm running Gnome in fallback mode. Could it be the reason why I don't see a lot of features in my System Settings?
Could someone advice if I could install another desktop like KDE or etc ? which one is more attractible and user friendly?
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