Problem with Wifi driver on Debian Jessie

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Problem with Wifi driver on Debian Jessie

Hi, I am Konrad , I am a new user of this forum.
I am from Poland, so my English isn't good enough. So please be forgiving for me.
I read about Bits club or something like that, So I don't know, that I am allowed to write here.
But nevertheless I have faced with small problem with wifi driver on Acer 5560.
I am running Debian 8.1 Jessie.
Last time I had linux mint, and wrote "sudo apt-get install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source" then "sudo modprobe wl".
And those two commands solved my problem.

But not here on debian jessie.
I tried the same here in debian, but that doesn't work. I have to mark that on debian there isn't any GUI unlike in previous mint.
Yesterday I downloaded broadcom-sta and wifi still doesn't work.
Maybe I am doing something wrong. Or I have to use ifconfig?

Please share your ideas.
Thanks in advance.
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Hey Konrad,

Have you checked out these pages?

I think one of these might be what you need for a driver.

Do you happen to have a wired internet connection on your laptop?

After the drivers are loaded, yes you will most likely have to use ifconfig to set up the network.
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Ok, I've already have WiFi and wired connection.

But, is it possible?
When I turn off WiFi by keyboard button, eth0 will automatically turn on.
Maybe I have to make a script? that turn on/off connection
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If your WiFi is working, everything sounds good to me.

When you press the WiFi button on your keyboard, I believe that just turns off your WiFi card.
If you are wanting to turn off eth0 in software when you do that, I'm not exactly sure the commands that would do that, Sorry.
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I 've read up about ifplugd.
Normally when I turn off wifi eth0 doesn't work, so I have to input 'ifconfig eth0 up' to wake it. And sometimes it doesn't ping to gateway, so I have to restart networking or all system.
Is it any way to manage that automatically?
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