Using awk and sed to replace text

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Question Using awk and sed to replace text

Good Day Every one

I have a problem finding and replacing text in some large files that will take a long time to manually edit.

Example text file looks like this

#Example Large Text File

What im trying to do is to edit all the lines at the same time and add " " to each line so it would look like this.

#Example Large Text File

i managed to use sed to change one line but then i need to know what the text in the line is to change it.

sed -i 's/bind/"bind"/g' large-txt-file

So what i want to do is to change all the lines regardless of what the text on that line is.

i have tried
sed -i 's/*/"*"/g' large-txt-file

awk '{sub(*, "*")};' large-text-file

Im new to using awk and sed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Test it with this one:

sed 's/^.*$/"&"/g' largefile.txt

Make the change to the file with this one and create a backup (largefile.txt.ORIG):
sed -i.ORIG 's/^.*$/"&"/g' largefile.txt

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Thank you in2nix4life it worked for me !.
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No problem. Smilie
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The sed expression can be simplified
sed 's/.*/"&"/'

sed 's/^/"/; s/$/"/'

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