Ssh acces without passwd from unique machine to all servers

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Ssh acces without passwd from unique machine to all servers


i want to acces to many machines over LAN network from a unique machine , that allow me to use a SSH directly without password.
i ama using redhat enterprise version . i didnt find the right way to realise that.
what should i do at first ?
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Welcome wassimpb,

What have you tried so far?

I would expect that the process you need to do will be similar to this:-
  • Ensure you can ssh and get a login prompt (check that the firewall & routing is correct)
  • Generate a pair of ssh keys on the server you wish to connect from.
  • Send the public key generated to each server you want to connect to, ensuring it is added to the correct file with secure permissions.
  • Test
You will (naturally) need access to each server already to write the public key files into the authorised list.

Does this help? There are guides to creating and sharing ssh-keys you can get from a simple internet search.

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