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OpenBSD security

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Operating Systems BSD OpenBSD security
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Old 06-29-2005
MySQL OpenBSD security

OpenBSD is best OS in the world! - I'm talking about security Smilie
After 10 years popularity in OpenBSD, was founded just!!!!!!!!!!!!! just one security hole!
You can download OpenBSD from there .
However, do you know a better OS?

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Old 06-29-2005
Sure if you hang a brick on my Ethernet cable you will have the securest OS in the world too. Smilie

The point is that only SSH is enabled in the default setting. The one Security hole in 7 years was an SSH Bug. There are still bugs in other parts of the OS.

There are no other daemons running, so there can`t be bugs.

But OpenBSD is still my favourite OS, because it`s rock stable.
I don`t know a better OS for Servers. And with a bit of tweaking and without exotic hardware it`s a quite good desktop OS.


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