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Gadget - OS

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Gadget - OS

Hi ,
I need to learn Linux codings , but no clear about the where to start . I'm looking to make gadget that can be useful for students . But i struggled where to start . As you know android is on linux base , planning to use it on that gadget also , but with modifications that matches the environment . Can anyone please suggest where to learn and what to learn , i'm zero in coding and programmings but exited and very much interested to learn .
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USB_INTERFACE_ID(9)					      Kernel Mode Gadget API					       USB_INTERFACE_ID(9)

usb_interface_id - allocate an unused interface ID
int usb_interface_id(struct usb_configuration * config, struct usb_function * function);
config configuration associated with the interface function function handling the interface
single threaded during gadget setup
usb_interface_id is called from usb_function.bind callbacks to allocate new interface IDs. The function driver will then store that ID in interface, association, CDC union, and other descriptors. It will also handle any control requests targetted at that interface, particularly changing its altsetting via set_alt. There may also be class-specific or vendor-specific requests to handle. All interface identifier should be allocated using this routine, to ensure that for example different functions don't wrongly assign different meanings to the same identifier. Note that since interface identifers are configuration-specific, functions used in more than one configuration (or more than once in a given configuration) need multiple versions of the relevant descriptors. Returns the interface ID which was allocated; or -ENODEV if no more interface IDs can be allocated.
David Brownell <> Author.
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 USB_INTERFACE_ID(9)

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