Will You Move to an Android Phone or Tablet?

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Well, I already have an Android phone! 8 33.33%
Yes, I am thinking of an Android phone! 8 33.33%
No, I'm not interested in Android anything! 6 25.00%
Well, I already have an Android phone and tablet! 1 4.17%
Well, I already have an Android tablet! 1 4.17%
Yes, I am thinking of a new Android tablet! 0 0%
Yes, I am thinking of both an Android phone and tablet! 0 0%
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Old 01-03-2011
Originally Posted by Corona688
Who said anything about keyboard? I'm talking about scripting. Using one program from another without having to do simulated mouseclicks etc. I've nothing against a good GUI. But if that's all there is...
Oh, I see your bias now.

You believe if a platform is not optimized (or capable) for scripting, then it is not "worthy" and you don't think Android will ever be useful or capable for scripting.

Finally, you make yourself clear, LOL

Whew! I thought I would never understand, not being a mind reader Smilie
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