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cloning users access with different user name

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Operating Systems AIX cloning users access with different user name
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Old 10-29-2008
cloning users access with different user name


this would be my first time to post here in this forums, hope you can help me with my queries.

i would like to create a different user name but have the same access rights. Example: root > rootbaby.

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Old 10-29-2008
root is maybe a bad example.
We do it like this:
- Installed sudo
- Edited the sudoers file with visudo accordingly
- Log in with my personal account/user
- Do a "sudo su -" which is allowed via sudoers and I become root
So login in direct as root is not possible and we can see who logged in. We also control who may become root.
Maybe this is an alternative.

If root is not really necessary, just use "smit user" and create an account similar to the user you want to "imitate". You can use this also to read the users current settings.
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Old 11-04-2008
Thanks Zaxxon,

Is it possible for me to create different username with the same UID or if not, different Username with same access rights on files, folders and objects without them joining in a group? ... Can you show me how?

Also, i have tried creating a user name with the same configuration. USR1 with USR2. but with different UID's. USR2 cannot execute some commands that USR1 can execute? and also the same with files, folders and objects... How can I resolve this. by the way this is in AIX v.5. I use the smitty users to create the user.


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Old 11-04-2008
Sorry, but this sounds a bit strange to me. Why do you want to clone users and keep the UID? Why not have every user his own unique UID etc. and put them together in groups? You can always try to manipulate your /etc/passwd but I can not foretell what will happen, up to you experimenting.
Maybe you describe a bit more what this stuff should be good for so we can offer alternatives.
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Old 11-04-2008
Hi Zaxxon,


Actually, I am creating a log in ID for AIX. I just want to make another login ID that has the same rights with the existing ID's. So we can log names of users who login. Example. The existing ID is ADM001. I want to make a login id ADMJOE. And I want them to have the same access, execution, commands rights.

I've tried making ADMJOE as similar to ADM001 using the smit user. But there are certain commands that ADMJOE cannot execute.

Please bear with me, this is just my first 1 month to handle Security Administration in AIX. Thank you for your responses. Hope you can help me...

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Old 11-05-2008
it's possible to create "different" users with the same userid

just add 3 users for example
useradd test                                               
useradd test1                                              
useradd test2

set them to the same userid in /etc/passwd


thats it (in this example no home directories are created)

they can have different or the same home directories, und they have their own passwords in /etc/security/passwd, since the name and not the id is important for passwords

        password = nsm/mRaQTA5PU
        lastupdate = 1225873934
        password = phIupR.beuc0k
        lastupdate = 1225873941
        password = 8tTP0i.8T3Tss
        lastupdate = 1225873947

and so you can put them in the same group in /etc/group


but the better and more common way to handle this is with different user ids and same group permissions

sudo ist also a very good way as mentioned above

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