How can invoke applications on Windows machine from AIX server

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Operating Systems AIX How can invoke applications on Windows machine from AIX server
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Old 10-24-2008
How can invoke applications on Windows machine from AIX server

Hi folks,

Before I start explaning my problem let me tell you I am new to Unix environment. I am working on a application. It was developed in java (on Windows machine). But application for production will be deployed on AIX machine.

One of my requirement is I need to invoke QTP scripts and execute them (.vbs scripts wrapped in a batch file) on Windows server. Currently I am able invoke them since my development environment is in Windows. I able to map Windows servers where QTP scripts reside, to my windows server where my java application is deployed and they are working fine. Even if I don't map the windows shared locations, I am still able to invoke and execute batch files (.bat) just by giving absoulte path of the shared location like this :
\\<windows server name or IP address>\<folder>\<executable.bat>

My problem is my java application code will be deployed on AIX machine for production. In production I need to invoke bat files on Windows servers from AIX server. In production there will be only one AIX machine, but there will be 40-50 windows servers where these bacth files resides.

Please help me how can I achieve this from AIX. Your help is greatly appreciated. Infact my job depends on your help. Thanks in advance.
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Old 10-25-2008
I would give a try using ssh...
One thing I dont get is if you were porting your application on AIX, why do you need to execute scripts on Win servers?
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Old 10-25-2008

Thanks for replying. In application Java Application I am developing will be deployed on AIX machine where as QTP and WinRunner scripts this Java needs to invoke is on Windows servers. All these servers (AIX Server, and Windows Servers) will be inside the same firewall.

I think this gave you some idea what I am trying to achieve.

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Old 10-26-2008
Investigate ssh as vbe suggested. ssh can not only create connections between machines (analogous to telnet) but also execute commands on other machines, like rsh/rexec. You will have to find out if Windoze is able to originate commands like his (i have no idea), but if it is this would be a viable way to do it.

The procedure would be:

1. set up ssh on Windows and AIX servers

2. create an ssh-key on the AIX machine and put that into the authorized_keys file on the Windows machine you want to execute commands on. On AIX the file would be ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the home-directory of the user under whose id the command should be executed. What the analogous file on the Windows-machine is you will have to find out yourself.

3. Try to originate a command on the AIX machine:

ssh user@windows-machine "dir"

If everything works as planned you should get a directory listing from the Windows-server.

I hope this helps.

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