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Old 07-22-2008
Automate SFTP UNIX to Windows

Could you please help to solve the below issue...
my requirement is automate the SFTP between UNIX and Windows server.
I want to get and put some files to UNIX AIX machine(SFTP client) to Windows server(SFTP server).
For that, i have generated key pair (private/public) in my AIX machine .
ssh-keygen -t dsa
and public key copied into .ssh2/authorised_key file in AIX .
then i transfered my public key file ( to Windows Server through email.
But i dont know where to copy and save the public key file in windows.
In windows i have installed Filezilla SFTP server and am able to do SFTP with password .
In VMS Server and UNIX Server, its working fine , I pasted in .ssh2/authorised_key file
Anticipating your reply...

Cheers Smilie,
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Old 07-22-2008
Usually you don't just copy the key to some directory, but append the key to the authorized_keys. No idea, where this is on your win box.

Did you enter a password or passphrase while the generating the keys btw?
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Old 07-22-2008
many thanx for ur reply...
I have not given password or passphrase ,while generating the key.
But i think ,somewhere inside Filezilla server(3rd party SFTP server for windows) some authorisation file should be there. but am not able to locate that. u have any idea about known_host in windows ?

Cheers Smilie,
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Old 07-22-2008
As said, I have no clue on the windows side. I bet there is a documentation on the site where you get filezilla sftp server. That should be a very common thing to do.
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Old 05-07-2009
I had a project where I needed to automate retrieving files from a vendor, so I used ssh-keygen and gave the vendor the public key from that, and it worked fine.

But if I need to automate sending files using SFTP, would I still generate the key pair from the server that I'm sending from? From what I've learned about PGP encryption, it's always the side receiving the file that has to provide their public key to the side sending the file. Is SSH key encryption different than PGP key encryption?

How does SSH key encryption and SFTP work for sending files? Does it use the private key to encrypt the file, and then then the receiver uses the public key to decrypt the file? That's opposite of how PGP works from what I understand, but maybe SSH just doesn't work the same as PGP.
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Old 05-12-2009
Wow, I guess I stumped everyone, eh? Nobody has ever automated sftp to send files?
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Old 05-13-2009
I'm not sure about how the file is actually encrypted. The system that initiates the sftp connection is the one that has to supply their public key to the other system.
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