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fileset missing

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Operating Systems AIX fileset missing
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Old 03-07-2007
fileset missing


I need to install this fileset on a server with Aix 5.1


I go to the link

and i find this fileset but the last version thatīs what i need the lastest one for both fileset

but when I send the preview to install the fileset, send me a notice that I need the oldest fileset for both fileset.

I come back to the link but the oldest its in both fileset

My question its where I can find the version for both fileset that I need to install first ??? because this one told me the preview to install first and then I can install the lastest for both fileset.

Thanks very much for your help

And thanks for my last question about microcode thatīs was the solution connect for serial port and upload the microcode by diskette.
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Old 03-07-2007
Normally, these filesets are on the installation media.

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