set permission to files in /tmp

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set permission to files in /tmp

Trying to setup user to have the ability to delete any files (regardless of owner) in /tmp.
I've tried almost everything... the permission on the folder is drwxrwxrwt 10 bin bin, and at one point I give all the possible permission (short of root) I can give to the user, and he still can't delete files that does not belong to him.

rm: 0653-609 Cannot remove test.dat.
Operation not permitted.

I search the web also, but can't find anything useful...

Any idea would be appropriated. Thank you.
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I just noticed the "sticky bit". Silly me.
only the owner of the directory, owner of the file, root can delete file in the "sticky bit" file system.
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I would not tamper the system directory permissions. But if you would like to take the risk. The following command will do that.

chmod o-t /tmp
chmod 777 /tmp

Run it and don;t complain after that Smilie ...


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