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Old 08-24-2006
Hard Drive Question

Good day,

I have an rs/6000 server, model 7044-270. I bought a 2nd hard drive for it but im not sure its the right one. (fru:H13060) As you surely know, the 7044-270 hard drives are put in some sort of tray/carrier. There is a cable that will interface the HDD with the tray/carrier so the carrier can connect inside the PC.

My peoblem is.. The cable i have does not fit on my HDD (FRU:H113060). I

The cable i have got 1 large scsi connecor (to connect in the server) on 1 end and a 3 way connector on the other end. (SCSI, POWER and another connection). What i need is a 1 to 1 SCSI extention. not a 1 to 3.

I have a single large connector on my HDD and 1 single large connector inside the server. The cable is have a 1 large connector (attached to the tray) and a 3 way connector on the otherside.

So whats wrong here?

Did i bought the wrong hard drive? did the guys ship methe wrong Case carrier?

Any help woulf be much apreciated.

P.S: Sorry for any typos/sentence structure, english is not my 1st language.

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