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Power Machine password


I have installed the HMC on the VMWare VM. I try to add the power machine (managed system) and asking for a password? So this is the IBM predefined password of Power Machine?

In the VMWare perspective, we can login to ESX host to do some management tasks. But how about the Power machine? Can we login to it via ssh ( I suppose) to view some settings like CPU, RAM, Disks, ...

1 more thing, HMC is the linux right? How can we access to by using the root id? the sudo or su commands are not found.

I'm newbie to this region, so any help is very appreciated from my side Smilie
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Originally Posted by Phat
, ...
1 more thing, HMC is the linux right?
Could you elaborate on this question?

It seems like you maybe better off to start with a simpler linux project if this is your level of understanding?
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Hi Neo,

As I know, the VIOS the base platform is AIX. So the same here, I would like to know what is base OS of HMC? It's AIX or Linux Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, ...
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Yes, I know it is AIX, since this is the AIX forum Smilie

You can easily Google for the answer to such a simple question.

The HMC is a PC connected to the mainframe. zSeries mainframes prior to the IBM System z9 used a modified version of OS/2 with custom software to provide the interface. System z9's HMC no longer uses OS/2, but instead uses a modified version of Linux with an OS/2 lookalike interface to ease transition as well as a new interface. Unlike the previous HMC application on OS/2, the new HMC is web-based which means that even local access is done via a web browser. Remote HMC access is available, although only over an SSL encrypted HTTP connection. The web-based nature means that there is no longer a difference between local console access and remote access, which means a remote user potentially has full control if authorized, allowing more flexibility for locating systems within data centers. IBM refers to the new HMC as a "closed platform" which does not allow the user to install software or access the command line interface to increase security and stability. The HMC is also firewalled by default with a minimal number of open ports for remote access.
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Tks Neo Smilie for info. I did a search but all info redirecting to IBM which not reveal that stuff.

How about my other question, do you have any idea/info?

I have installed the HMC on the VMWare VM. I try to add the power machine (managed system) and asking for a password? So this is the IBM predefined password of Power Machine?

In the VMWare perspective, we can login to ESX host to do some management tasks. But how about the Power machine? Can we login to it via ssh ( I suppose) to view some settings like CPU, RAM, Disks, ...
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Sorry Mr. Phat,

I am not an HMC user.

Normally, the password would be in a configuration file or database (if HMC has a DB).

Sorry I cannot help more. Maybe one of our AIX'ers will come on line; but I cannot promise anything Smilie
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It's been a few years, but I will try. It's a bit of a memory dump I'm afraid Smilie
  • Do you have serial console access to the Service Processor of the chassis? You would need a serial connection in at 19200 BAUD (not the default 9600 for most clients) and this may allow you in somewhere to a set of text based menus to get this set. Credentials might be admin and admin. I needed to get an appropriate crossover cable. I bought one via a generic online auction site for about 2GBP but it's too long ago to get the item information.
  • Can you HTTP to the service processor (physical port labelled as HMCn, default address I think) You can get a GUI interface to the similar thing.

You would need to define the HMC account password in there. When you use your HMC to connect, it will generate SSH keys to keep the connection, even if you change the password later on.

I hope this helps, but sadly it is likely to be incomplete. Smilie


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