AIX 7.2 MKSYSB Backup and Restore Best Practices?

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Excellent. Good to know you are sorted.

Just to clarify, I do mean DVD-RAM . A ROM would be Read Only (hence the O)

It's different to DVD-RW & DVD+RW and there is a bit of discussion on a Wikipedia page : DVD-RAM - Wikipedia
To get it all to work, we had to make a mksysb image on a local disk and then use mkdvd appropriately. Oddly it eventually calls readcd with the write flag set, but you probably won't need to worry about that. It did need a chunk of free space in the rootvg too, just over twice the size of the mksysb image. I also had to adjust the LV creating algorithm in mkdvd (I think) because it estimated too small and we were continually running out of space in the temporary LVs it creates.

Is there anything else we can try to help with?

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