Using mkdvd to create bootable mksysb on dvd reports success but nothing on dvd?

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Operating Systems AIX Using mkdvd to create bootable mksysb on dvd reports success but nothing on dvd?
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Old 02-16-2016
Hammer & Screwdriver Using mkdvd to create bootable mksysb on dvd reports success but nothing on dvd?


Running AIX 7.1 7100-00-03-1115, trying to make a mksysb image to a dvd drive using mkdvd. My final command looks like this..
mkdvd -e -V rootvg -R -C /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/cd_fs -I /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/cd_images -M /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/mksysbimage -d /dev/cd0 -Y

When i run this command, I get the following output..
Initializing mkdvd log: /var/adm/ras/mkcd.log...
Verifying command parameters...
Creating file...
Creating mksysb image...

Creating list of files to back up.

Backing up 99186 files........

99186 of 99186 files (100%)
0512-038 mksysb: Backup Completed Successfully.
Populating the CD or DVD file system...
Copying backup to the CD or DVD file system...
Building chrp boot image...
Creating Rock Ridge format image: /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/cd_images/cd_image_6291962
Running mkisofs ...
mkrr_fs was successful.

Making the CD or DVD image bootable...
Writing the CD or DVD image to device: /dev/cd0...
Running readcd ...
Capacity: 1 Blocks = 2 kBytes = 0 MBytes = 0 prMB
Sectorsize: 2048 Bytes
burn_cd was successful.

The part about making the DVD seemed to finish too quick, so I tried to read the contents with:
listvgbackup -f /dev/cd0

This took a few seconds and then it came back with:
0512-055 listvgbackup: Failed mounting /dev/cd0 to mount point /tmp/_cdrom.6291712.

It looks like the burning to dvd part is not working. I have a DVD in the drive listed in lsdev..
# lsdev -Cc cdrom
cd0 Available 00-08-00 SATA DVD-RAM Drive

I followed the documentation found on this IBM article. My goal is to make a bootable mksysb on DVD and also leave a copy of the ISO on the filesystem. It looks like the writing to dvd media part is not working correctly since listvgbackup fails.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue could be?

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Old 02-17-2016
Originally Posted by c3rb3rus
Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue could be?
At first glance everything looks OK, so the answer will mean debugging:

- You did do this as user root, yes?

- The FSs/filespaces you used (/usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/cd_fs, ...) are large file enabled?

- The filesize ulimit is set to unlimited for this session/this user?

- Have you checked the temporary locations the command produces? What is in there? Are any of these places not what they seem to be (like being symlinked to somewhere else, etc.)?

- Have you tested your equipment to work properly (e.g. trying to burn something on the drive in question)?

- at last: have you checked the logs, especially the mentioned /var/adm/ras/mkcd.log?

Finally, this is probably not the source of your problem, but: to create ISO images: wouldn't it be easier to first burn the CD/DVD, then use

# dd if=/dev/cd0 of=/some/file.iso

To create the ISO image where you want to have it?

I hope this helps

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Old 02-26-2016
Hey bakunin,

From what I gathered if I run "mkdvd" to create my mksysb and don't specify -d device it does not create all the necessary stuff to make the ISO bootable in case we need to restore AIX?

This is why I was trying to use mkdvd and burn in one line...
mkdvd -e -V rootvg -R -C /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/cd_fs -I /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/cd_images -M /usr1/AIXADMIN/mkcd/mksysbimage -d /dev/cd0 -Y

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Old 02-26-2016
When I've done this process, I've always had a few steps to it:-
  • Clean up anything left from last time, e.g. old files, filesystems or logical volumes
  • Run mkszfile to ensure that the filesystem sizes are recorded correctly
  • Run savevg excluding all the files to collect the information about all the non-rootvg volume groups, saving the detail somewhere within rootvg
  • Run mksysb writing to a file on disk in a specified area outside the rootvg with the -e flag to exclude files in /etc/exclude.rootvg
  • Run mkdvd specifying the mksysb file created in the previous step
It may not be perfect, but it works very well and I even managed to edit the data files used by savevg to specify non-mirrored logical volumes in case we recover to a server without sufficient disk space to have the mirrors.

Sadly I have now lost access to the AIX servers I have worked on so I cannot share it.

I hope that at least this process might help.

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