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Increase filesystem size AIX 5.3

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Operating Systems AIX Increase filesystem size AIX 5.3
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Increase filesystem size AIX 5.3

I an trying to increase the file size on an AIX 5.3 box. I think i am missing the correct syntax for the command. Here is was i am trying on a test box

# lsvg rootvg
VOLUME GROUP:       rootvg                   VG IDENTIFIER:  0000bd8b00004c00000
VG STATE:           active                   PP SIZE:        64 megabyte(s)
VG PERMISSION:      read/write               TOTAL PPs:      1084 (69376 megabyt
MAX LVs:            256                      FREE PPs:       497 (31808 megabyte
LVs:                13                       USED PPs:       587 (37568 megabyte
OPEN LVs:           11                       QUORUM:         2 (Enabled)
TOTAL PVs:          2                        VG DESCRIPTORS: 3
STALE PVs:          0                        STALE PPs:      0
ACTIVE PVs:         2                        AUTO ON:        yes
MAX PPs per VG:     32512
MAX PPs per PV:     1016                     MAX PVs:        32
LTG size (Dynamic): 256 kilobyte(s)          AUTO SYNC:      no
HOT SPARE:          no                       BB POLICY:      relocatable
# df -k /page
Filesystem    1024-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/page         2424832    394008   84%    21019     4% /page
# chfs -a size=+500m /page
chfs: Invalid attribute value: +500m
Usage: chfs [-n nodename] [-m newmtpt] [-u mtgrp] [-A {yes|no}] [-t {yes|no}] [-
p {ro|rw}] [-a attr1=val1] [-d attr] fsname
# chfs -a size=2425332m
Usage: chfs [-n nodename] [-m newmtpt] [-u mtgrp] [-A {yes|no}] [-t {yes|no}] [-
p {ro|rw}] [-a attr1=val1] [-d attr] fsname
# chfs -a size=2425332m /page
chfs: Invalid attribute value: 2425332m
Usage: chfs [-n nodename] [-m newmtpt] [-u mtgrp] [-A {yes|no}] [-t {yes|no}] [-
p {ro|rw}] [-a attr1=val1] [-d attr] fsname
# chfs -a size=2425332 /page
chfs: Cannot reduce size of file system


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Originally Posted by fierfek
I think i am missing the correct syntax for the command.
# chfs -a size=+500m /page

You were on the right track but went astray on the last centimetre: use a "M" (not "m") as the unit!

# chfs -a size=+500M /page

Y'know, UNIX is case-sensitive... :-)

If you omit any unit as you did in your last attempt, the number you give is interpreted as disk blocks (512 bytes).

Notice that every LV has a maximum number of LPs which you might hit when increasing the FS. You can simply increase this limit with the chlv command, but i suggest you use SMIT for this. It does the same and will guide you through the process.

For complete control over the process (which is not necessary any more in most cases nowadays), you may want to consult this little how-to.

I hope this helps.

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Sweet! thanks that help. I tried smit on the production box but was not seeing fs I needed. Thanks for this I was able to get what I needed done on the prod box.

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Remember also:-
  • You may want to place your LV on a specific hdisk(s) of your volume group. chfs (and chlv for that matter) don't respect that option, however it will make an intelligent guess. If you need to move partitions later on, it is possible with mirrors (using a map file) and/or the migratepv command.
  • If you have mirrors, the space required in the volume group will be double or triple the increase you specify. Additionally, the PPs must not reside on the same hdisk (even if they are hardware protected by RAID, SAN delivered, VIO mirrors etc.)


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