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AIX 4.1.5/RS6000 boot hang, help requested

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Operating Systems AIX AIX 4.1.5/RS6000 boot hang, help requested
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Old 01-11-2006
AIX 4.1.5/RS6000 boot hang, help requested

Hello there!

I have a RS-6000 7043-140 machine with AIX version 4.1.5, that is
working for almost 8 years now. It has a tty monitor. My problem
started when I upgraded my machine to install a gxt250 graphics adapter
card together with a 15" AOC VGA Monitor, logitech keyboard and mouse,
thus replacing my old IBM3153 monitor and keyboard.

I have installed the GXT250 graphics adapter required fileset.
Configured the lft and the console to work with the GXT250 adapter. My
monitor, keyboard and mouse will work when using SMS by pressing F1.
However, it will not continue to boot, and the last led that will
display is a C32 then a black screen with a _ at the upper left corner
will display on the monitor.

Additional info, I can telnet to this machine using the network and
appears to be working except for the console, keyboard and mouse.

Please help me with regards to this! Any suggestion?


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Old 01-30-2006
If you can telnet to the machine not everything is lost.

Maybe it is just a matter of redirecting the system console. First determine which device name your GXT250 adapter has, usually it should be lft0.

# lscfg

Then try to log on to the machine and redirect the system console terminal to that device:

# swcons -c /dev/lft0

See "man swcons" for mor information about this command. If this doesn't solve the problem please check back here.

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Old 01-31-2006
Network Led Code 0549









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