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wtmp file - is there a patch to export the data another file each day?

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Operating Systems AIX wtmp file - is there a patch to export the data another file each day?
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Old 07-02-2012
wtmp file - is there a patch to export the data another file each day?

sorry for being a noob, i am trying to find which user accessed the server at what time and there ip address at first i used who command but the output didn't contain the ip address then i used the last command which provided me with the ip of the users but when i searched i searched and found that both commands use to retrieve the data from a file called wtmp.
- does both use the same file ?
- i found that the file contains only record for the last day how can i increase the time the this file hold the data ?
- is there a patch to export the data another file each day ?
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Old 07-02-2012
No need to be sorry.

From man who:
To obtain information, the who command usually examines the /etc/utmp file. If you specify another file with the File parameter,
the who command examines that file instead. This new file is usually the /var/adm/wtmp or /etc/security/failedlogin file.
Normally a plain last shows all entries. Though you can try who -a /var/adm/wtmp if it shows more.

/etc/utmp contains much less entries than /var/adm/wtmp.

Here some clearing up from the IBM site:
Help - AIX 7.1 Information Center

/etc/utmp stores the logins, while /var/adm/wtmp stores archives everything together with information that will be used if you are using the Advanced Accounting facilities of AIX.

I just did a check on a box and here is the outcome:
# who -a /etc/utmp| wc -l
# who -a /var/adm/wtmp| wc -l

Do you maybe have a job that tries to save space in /var and just overwrites or nulls /var/adm/wtmp? It can happen on machines, that are very busy login-wise, that this file can get very big very fast. Maybe that's the reason a last shows only last's day entries.

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