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/etc/cronlog.conf not working

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Operating Systems AIX /etc/cronlog.conf not working
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Old 04-29-2005
/etc/cronlog.conf not working

I am trying to get the /etc/cronlog.conf working, but so far have not been able to.

I created the /etc/cronlog.conf file with the following entries.


Then I kill the current cron daemon and check to make sure that it has respawned with a new pid. However, it still does not seem to work. I have tried pointing the logfile to another file to see if it is working, but it still points to the default cron log file.

Any ideas?

Thanks Smilie
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Old 05-01-2005
Is it possible that the initscript for cron is already specifying a alternate file for configuration? (cron -f /some/file). Try restarting cron forcing the configuration file location: cron -f /etc/cronlog.conf.


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Old 05-02-2005

the reason why it was not working is due to the fact this is a new option for Aix 5.3. I was trying to get this to work on Aix 5.2. The problem was I was doing a search on IBM' pSeries and Aix Information center and I could not tell which version this applied to.
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Old 05-31-2005
Would this cause cronjobs that ran fine under 4.3.3 to not run on 5.3 of AIX?

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Old 05-31-2005
we only have gotten as high as Aix 5.2, so I am not sure about 5.3. Did you check the /var/adm/cron/log file?

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