clearing PVID

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Operating Systems AIX clearing PVID
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Old 01-24-2012
clearing PVID

HI admins,

I am not able to clear pvid .I am getting below error.

chdev -l hdisk273 -a pv=clear
Method error (/usr/lib/methods/chgdisk):
0514-047 Cannot access a device.

The disk is from SAN. I can clear remove the disk using rmdev.But if i run cfgmgr , this disk apperas with PVID. Please suggets how to clear PVID.

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Old 01-24-2012
Using rmdev does not clear a disk - it unconfigures it on your system; with -d it removes it from your ODM.
It could be that some other box has a reservation on this disk so that might be the reason you are not able to write to it. Maybe also check, before you break it, if this is not a productive disk to some other box.
There should be some LUN Id or device ID you can identify it maybe, whatever type of SAN disk/driver (or VIO inbetweeen?) you are using. You could check at first, if you are able to read from it with dd or readvgda for example. Else you might want to find the box that has the reservation on it and try to remove it from there.

Sometimes it's also good to have a kind of documentation which disks/LUNs are being used for what to limit such problems.

Can also check this:

But before clearing reservation, you should be 100% sure you don't disturb a productive system / data.

I am not sure if that command/package is available on your installation anyway - you'll see.

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Old 01-24-2012
Hi zaxxon,

Thanks for the response. Actually issue with netapp side. There is a base volume ,which is mapped to servers integrater group. As per netapp, we can not create a clone of a database for a volume on the same machine where base volume is exists.

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