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AIOServer process question

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Operating Systems AIX AIOServer process question
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AIOServer process question

I've been trying to learn a bit more about AIOServer processes and how my company administers them, one question i have is, while checking, most of my servers show a memory overhead of about 448 k per aioserver process (nmon -A) however i have found a few with figures of 67 or 56k. Most servers are running 5.3 tl 10 with a few running 6.1 but this isnt connected to the differences.

While the majority are 448 is this a configurable value ?, if so is there any documentation or advice on what affect the size has on the processes performance ?

Cheers all


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preap(1)							   User Commands							  preap(1)

preap - force a defunct process to be reaped by its parent SYNOPSIS
preap [-F] pid... DESCRIPTION
A defunct (or zombie) process is one whose exit status has yet to be reaped by its parent. The exit status is reaped by way of the wait(3C), waitid(2), or waitpid(3C) system call. In the normal course of system operation, zombies can occur, but are typically short- lived. This can happen if a parent exits without having reaped the exit status of some or all of its children. In that case, those children are reparented to PID 1. See init(1M), which periodically reaps such processes. An irresponsible parent process can not exit for a very long time and thus leave zombies on the system. Since the operating system destroys nearly all components of a process before it becomes defunct, such defunct processes do not normally impact system operation. However, they do consume a small amount of system memory. preap forces the parent of the process specified by pid to waitid(3C) for pid, if pid represents a defunct process. preap attempts to prevent the administrator from unwisely reaping a child process which might soon be reaped by the parent, if: o The process is a child of init(1M). o The parent process is stopped and might wait on the child when it is again allowed to run. o The process has been defunct for less than one minute. OPTIONS
The following option is supported: -F Forces the parent to reap the child, overriding safety checks. OPERANDS
The following operand is supported: pid Process ID list. USAGE
Caution should be exercised when using the -F flag. Imposing two controlling processes on one victim process can lead to chaos. Safety is assured only if the primary controlling process, typically a debugger, has stopped the victim process and the primary controlling process is doing nothing at the moment of application of the proc tool in question. EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned by preap, which prints the exit status of each target process reaped: 0 Successfully operation. non-zero Failure, such as no such process, permission denied, or invalid option. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWesu (32-bit) | | |SUNWesxu (64-bit) | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
proc(1), init(1M), waitid(2), wait(3C), waitpid(3C), proc(4), attributes(5) WARNINGS
preap should be applied sparingly and only in situations in which the administrator or developer has confirmed that defunct processes are not reaped by the parent process. Otherwise, applying preap can damage the parent process in unpredictable ways. SunOS 5.11 19 Jun 2006 preap(1)

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