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Paging space

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Operating Systems AIX Paging space
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Old 04-19-2010
Paging space


I have paging size 2048M showed from topas and 10240M showed from "lsps -a", can anyone tell what is the difference? and how to change the PAGING SIZE (showed in topas) to 8192M?

Can you please tell in detail step?


Topas Monitor for host:    egsprc01dev          EVENTS/QUEUES    FILE/TTY
Mon Apr 19 11:01:23 2010   Interval:  2         Cswitch     142  Readch   205.0K
                                                Syscall    1058  Writech    1822
CPU  BUser%  BKern%  Wait%  Idle%                 Reads      96    Rawin       0
ALL    0.1    0.3    0.0   99.6                   Writes      4    Ttyout   1093
                                                  Forks       0    Igets       0
Network  BKBPS   BI-Pack  O-Pack   KB-In  KB-Out  Execs       1    Namei     188
en2       2.2     16.4     1.9     1.0     1.2    Runqueue  1.0    Dirblk      0
lo0       0.0      0.0     0.0     0.0     0.0    Waitqueue 0.0

Disk    Busy%     BKBPS     BTPS KB-Read KB-Writ  PAGING           MEMORY
          0                0                      Faults     67    Real,MB  3584
hdisk0    0.0      0.0     0.0     0.0     0.0    Steals      0    % Comp   22
hdisk1    0.0      0.0     0.0     0.0     0.0    PgspIn      0    % Noncomp 4
cd0       1.0      0.0     1.0     0.0     0.0    PgspOut     0    % Client  4
                                                  PageIn      0
topas        34406D  CPU6   1.3 Owner             PageOut     0    PAGING SPACE
topase       499752   0.1   1.7 terence           Sios        0    Size,MB  2048
getty        307378   0.0   0.4 root                               % Used    0
ksh          385150   0.0   0.9 root              NFS (calls/sec)  % Free  100

# lsps -a
Page Space      Physical Volume   Volume Group    Size %Used Active  Auto  Type
hd6             hdisk1            rootvg       10240MB     1   yes   yes    lv

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Old 04-19-2010
Try to use nmon command which is very usefull.. to see status of paging and memory issue nmon command and than letter m output will be somethink like this
          Physical  PageSpace |        pages/sec  In     Out | FileSystemCache                                                                             │
│% Used       97.7%      1.2%  | to Paging Space   0.0    0.0 | (numperm) 31.6%                                                                             │
│% Free        2.3%     98.8%  | to File System    0.0    0.0 | Process   30.0%                                                                             │
│MB Used    1250.0MB     7.2MB | Page Scans        0.0        | System    36.0%                                                                             │
│MB Free      30.0MB   568.8MB | Page Cycles       0.0        | Free       2.3%                                                                             │
│Total(MB)  1280.0MB   576.0MB

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Old 04-19-2010
you can change the paging space by

smitty chps

can you please post the output of lsps -a
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Old 04-19-2010
When I first read the post I was expecting to see more than one paging space listed in your "lsps -a" output from your orginal post and that only one paging space of 2048MB would be active but that is not the case. So I checked out 4 of my AIX 5 servers and two reported the same for topas and "lsps -a" but the other two report values that were not even close to each other. All 4 running the same version of AIX.

I didn't help you answer the question but now you know that your not alone.
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Old 04-19-2010
As far as i can see this is a known bug in topas. See here:


Google is your friend and this was the first hit searching for "lsps topas paging space".

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Old 04-25-2010
should paging space be mirrored ?

quick question: What is the recommended for paging space in a mirrored Volume group ( rootvg ) ?

Does mirrored paging space in rootvg impact on the performance of the AIX OS ?

What is the recommended procedure.....
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Old 04-25-2010
Hi, paging space should most certainly be mirrored. Just imagine how beautifully your system will nosedive when there is a problem with paging space. IMO mirroring paging space will not impact performance very much and may even improve performance in some cases.

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