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Full Discussion: doubt in Solaris CDE
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users doubt in Solaris CDE Post 8227 by alex blanco on Monday 8th of October 2001 06:13:51 PM
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Yes there is a way to use a wallpapper in your CDE if CDE is complete installed perhaps there is an application call Xview with this tool you can install a jpg or jpeg into your workspace, this tool its possible to be freeware. Just look for it.
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dtappsession(1) 						   User Commands						   dtappsession(1)

dtappsession - start a new Application Manager session SYNOPSIS
/usr/dt/bin/dtappsession [hostname] DESCRIPTION
dtappsession is a specialized version of the Xsession shell script. It is an alternative to using the CDE remote login that allows you to access a remote host without logging out of your current CDE session. dtappsession starts a new instance of the CDE Application Manager in its own ToolTalkTM session. It can be used to remotely display the Application Manager back to your local display after logging in to a remote host with the rlogin(1) command. A new, independent instance of ttsession(1) starts a simple session management window. This window displays the title remote_hostname: Remote Administration where remote_hostname is the system that is being accessed. The window also displays an Exit button. Clicking Exit terminates the ToolTalk session and all windows that are part of the session. The Application Manager that is displayed can be used to start remote CDE actions to run in this session. Exiting the Application Manager does not terminate the session, and it is not recommended. Clicking Exit is the recommended way to end the session. To avoid confusing the remote CDE applications with local ones, it is recommended that a new CDE workspace be created for clients in the remote session. The hostname is not needed when the DISPLAY environment variable is set to the local hostname on the remote host. On a system that is configured with Trusted Extensions, dtappsession can be used for remote administration by administrative roles that have the ability to log in to the remote host. dtappsession does not require any privilege, and it does not need to run on a system that is configured with Trusted Extensions. When installed in /usr/dt/bin on a Solaris system, along with the startApp.ds file, dtappsession can be used to administer the remote Solaris system from a local system that is configured with Trusted Extensions. However, in this case, the CDE workspace that is used for remote display must be a normal workspace, rather than a role workspace. EXAMPLES
Example 1 Remote Login and dtappsession After creating a new CDE workspace, type the following in a terminal window: # rlogin remote_hostname password: /*type the remote password*/ # dtappsession local_hostname /* on the remote host */ FILES
/usr/dt/bin/startApp.ds dt Korn shell script for session manager window ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWdttsu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Committed | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ BUGS
X11/CDE applications that do not register with the ToolTalk session manager will not exit automatically when the session is terminated. Such applications must be explicitly terminated. SEE ALSO
dtfile(1), rlogin(1), ttsession(1), attributes(5) Chapter 14, Remote Administration in Trusted Extensions (Tasks), in Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures NOTES
The functionality described on this manual page is available only if the system is configured with Trusted Extensions. SunOS 5.11 15 Aug 2005 dtappsession(1)

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