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Full Discussion: PHP for ASP-master
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting PHP for ASP-master Post 32480 by Silver on Wednesday 27th of November 2002 03:50:13 AM
Old 11-27-2002
PHP for ASP-master

I have build myself a ASP-forum, but the new server of my client doesn't support ASP, now I want to know how I can make a simmilar forum in PHP.

Does anyone know where I can find some sort of manual PHP for ASP-freakz?! Smilie
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Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra(3pm)

Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra - Install modules that provide additional functionality to Apache::ASP SYNOPSIS
perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra' CONTENTS
Bundle::Apache::ASP - Base for Apache::ASP installation CGI - Required for file upload, make test, and command line ./cgi/asp script HTML::Parser - Required for HTML::FillInForm HTML::Clean - Compress text/html with Clean config or $Response->{Clean} set to 1-9 Net::SMTP - Runtime errors can be mailed to the webmaster with MailErrorTo config Devel::Symdump - Used for StatINC setting, which reloads modules dynamically Apache::DBI - Cache database connections per process Compress::Zlib - Gzip compress HTML output on the fly Time::HiRes - Sub second timing of execution with Debug 3 or -3 enabled HTML::FillInForm - FormFill functionality which autofills HTML forms from form data Apache::Filter - Required for SSI filtering with Apache::SSI HTML::SimpleParse - Required for SSI filtering with Apache::SSI Apache::SSI - Required for full server side includes support ( SSI ) beyond file includes Tie::TextDir - Fast file based cache for CacheDB, good for caching large values for things like XSLT and $Response->Include() caching Bundle::XML - Required for XML::XSLT support. XML::XSLT - Required for XSLT support. May also use XML::Sablotron and XML::LibXSLT for this, which are not part of this bundle. DESCRIPTION
This bundle contains extra modules used by Apache::ASP. AUTHOR
Joshua Chamas perl v5.14.2 2011-08-15 Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra(3pm)

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