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Full Discussion: awk with (if condition)
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers awk with (if condition) Post 303046298 by vickysood on Thursday 30th of April 2020 04:32:18 AM
Old 04-30-2020
awk with (if condition)

I'm unable to apply if condition to extract tsalary < 7000 and also want to sort data without disturbing header
some commands which i used here are:-
awk '{if(tsalary($4) < 7000)}' employee
tail -5 employee|awk '{print $4}' employee
tail -5 |sort -r employee

Name	tDesignation	tDepartment	tSalary
Thomas	Manager		Sales		        5000
Jason	Developer	       Technology	        5500
Sanjay	Sysadmin	       Technology	        7000
Nisha	Manager	        Marketing      	9500
Vicky	DBA		       Technology	         6000

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Socket context options - Socket context option listing

	Socket context options are available for all wrappers that work over sockets, like tcp, http and ftp.

	      o $bindto
		-  Used to specify the IP address (either IPv4 or IPv6) and/or the port number that PHP will use to access the network. The syntax
		is ip:port for IPv4 addresses, and [ip]:port for IPv6 addresses. Setting the IP or the port to 0 will let the system choose the IP
		and/or port.


		      As FTP creates two socket connections during normal operation, the port number cannot be specified using this option.

	      o $backlog
		- Used to limit the number of outstanding connections in the socket's listen queue.


		      This is only applicable to stream_socket_server(3).

       |Version |		  |
       |	|		  |
       |	|   Description   |
       |	|		  |
       | 5.3.3	|		  |
       |	|		  |
       |	|  Added backlog. |
       |	|		  |
       | 5.1.0	|		  |
       |	|		  |
       |	|  Added bindto.  |
       |	|		  |
       Example #1

	      Basic $bindto usage example

	      // connect to the internet using the '' IP
	      $opts = array(
		  'socket' => array(
		      'bindto' => '',

	      // connect to the internet using the '' IP and port '7000'
	      $opts = array(
		  'socket' => array(
		      'bindto' => '',

	      // connect to the internet using the '2001:db8::1' IPv6 address
	      // and port '7000'
	      $opts = array(
		  'socket' => array(
		      'bindto' => '[2001:db8::1]:7000',

	      // connect to the internet using port '7000'
	      $opts = array(
		  'socket' => array(
		      'bindto' => '0:7000',

	      // create the context...
	      $context = stream_context_create($opts);

	      // ...and use it to fetch the data
	      echo file_get_contents('http://www.example.com', false, $context);


PHP Documentation Group 												 SOCKET-CONTEXT-OPTIONS(3)

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