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Operating Systems AIX NFS mount from windows NAS with NFS server, have hidden folder on UNIX Post 303046136 by hicksd8 on Saturday 25th of April 2020 04:40:57 AM
Old 04-25-2020
I concur with MadeInGermany that the next place to look is the Windows NFS Server. Compared to our Unix world, Windows has weird and wonderful access rights settings that you will need to check out.

Read this thread and post#3 by me (hicksd8) on this issue..............
Unable to search NFS Share

And follow the MS link I provide there for more information.

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tapset::nfs(3stap)														tapset::nfs(3stap)

tapset::nfs - systemtap nfs tapset DESCRIPTION
nfs.fop.llseek NFS client llseek operation See probe::nfs.fop.llseek(3stap) for details. NFS client read operation See for details. nfs.fop.write NFS client write operation See probe::nfs.fop.write(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.aio_read NFS client aio_read file operation See probe::nfs.fop.aio_read(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.aio_write NFS client aio_write file operation See probe::nfs.fop.aio_write(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.mmap NFS client mmap operation See probe::nfs.fop.mmap(3stap) for details. NFS client file open operation See for details. nfs.fop.flush NFS client flush file operation See probe::nfs.fop.flush(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.release NFS client release page operation See probe::nfs.fop.release(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.fsync NFS client fsync operation See probe::nfs.fop.fsync(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.lock NFS client file lock operation See probe::nfs.fop.lock(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.sendfile NFS client send file operation See probe::nfs.fop.sendfile(3stap) for details. nfs.fop.check_flags NFS client checking flag operation See probe::nfs.fop.check_flags(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.readpage NFS client synchronously reading a page See probe::nfs.aop.readpage(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.readpages NFS client reading multiple pages See probe::nfs.aop.readpages(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.set_page_dirty NFS client marking page as dirty See probe::nfs.aop.set_page_dirty(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.writepage NFS client writing a mapped page to the NFS server See probe::nfs.aop.writepage(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.writepages NFS client writing several dirty pages to the NFS server See probe::nfs.aop.writepages(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.write_begin NFS client begin to write data See probe::nfs.aop.write_begin(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.write_end NFS client complete writing data See probe::nfs.aop.write_end(3stap) for details. nfs.aop.release_page NFS client releasing page See probe::nfs.aop.release_page(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::nfs.fop.llseek(3stap),, probe::nfs.fop.write(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.aio_read(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.aio_write(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.mmap(3stap),, probe::nfs.fop.flush(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.release(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.fsync(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.lock(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.sendfile(3stap), probe::nfs.fop.check_flags(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.readpage(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.readpages(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.set_page_dirty(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.writepage(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.writepages(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.write_begin(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.write_end(3stap), probe::nfs.aop.release_page(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::nfs(3stap)

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