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Full Discussion: Add Date in Column data
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Add Date in Column data Post 303046130 by vgersh99 on Friday 24th of April 2020 08:10:19 PM
Old 04-24-2020
Ok, where exactly are stuck?

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Input file: Germany 10 500 5000 Germany 20 500 5000 Germany 50 10 500 England 5 10 25 USA 30 25 55 USA 20 35 90 Japan 2 5 60 Singapore 50 30 90 Singapore 150 230 290 Output file: Germany 10 500 5000 Germany 20 500 5000 Germany 50 10 500 England 5 10 25 (7 Replies)
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Awk to add selected row column data

Looks at the most efficient way to add up the column of data based off of the rows. Random data Name-Number-ID Sarah-2.0-15 Bob-6.3-15 Sally-1.0-10 James-1.0-10 Scotty-10.7-15 So I would select all those who have ID = 15 and then add up total number read - p "Enter ID number" Num ... (3 Replies)
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How to add a data column in existing file

Hi All I need to add a column on my existing data file. I know similar posts are there but none of them were meeting my requirement. My input is 1.20 3.44 4.88 5.11 4.99 3.22 1.89 3.89 2.90 Desired output 1 1.20 3.44 4.88 2 5.11 4.99 3.22 3 1.89 3.89 2.90 I will... (2 Replies)
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Trying to add currrent date as the first the first column in the file

Hi Experts, I am trying to add one variable value as the first value in a file speparated by "" (space) delimiter. Can you please let me know how I can do this using bash script. Following is my file. 1635 ABCD 3m9ka COMPLETE 0526 AJAY 3m1da COMPLETE 0419 INDIA 3m3zi INCOMPLETE The... (3 Replies)
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Add current date to the data file

hi all Please assist i need to add current date as data to load to a database: the script is as follow: #!/bin/ksh DIR=/export/home/yani_m/scripts/scrip_out_put/ DIR2=/export/home/yani_m/scripts/scrip_out_put/calc/ Date=$1 File22="disk_"$Date Server=$2 iofiles=$DIR"/*"$Date"*_Ynr.dat"... (4 Replies)
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Sort data by date and then search by column

Hi, I have a file where data is pipe separated.First i want to sort the file content by date . Then i want to pick up the records based on the first column which should be unique and not have duplicates. NYSE|yyyrrrddd|toronto|isin|ticker|2013-05-15... (2 Replies)
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Need to add a date column (today's date) in file

Hi I have file with number status and date1 and date1 field, want add a column today between column date1 and date2. file1.txt number status date1 date2 ===== ==== === ===== 34567 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 45678 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 43567 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 ... (1 Reply)
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Add file creation date as new column

Hi , I have a requirement to append file creation date to each row in a file for all the files in a directory. Please help Thanks, Pavan (2 Replies)
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Add Column base on other Column Data

HI Guys, I want add one extra Column base on 3rd Column . Input :- M204 MS204_154 :vsDataUeMe M204 MS204_154 es:sMeasure 0 M204 MS204_154 es:90ilterCoe 9 M204 MS204_154 es:searchE9090ortTime 40 M204 MS204_154 es:servOrPrioI90HoTimer 4000 M204 MS204_154 es:ueMeajllls154545 TRUE... (5 Replies)
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How to add a column of another data from another column?

Hola Como hacer: C:\System\SystemRun.4gl C:\System\SystemRunPrint.4gl C:\System\SystemViews.4gl Resultado: SystemRun.4gl C:\System\SystemRun.4gl SystemRunPrint.4gl C:\System\SystemRunPrint.4gl SystemViews.4gl C:\System\SystemViews.4gl... (0 Replies)
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PHEAR(6)							   Games Manual 							  PHEAR(6)

phear - enter the cavez of phear SYNOPSIS
phear [-e <level filename>] | [level name] OPTIONS
This program has several arguments: -e Start editor instead of game on a specific level. level name Name of the level to play, f.ex 01 level filename Filename of the level to edit. f.ex /usr/share/phear/data/levels/01 DESCRIPTION
This is a boulder dash type of game, for terminals. You walk around in a ASCII underground cave system, where you need to keep clear of boulders falling down while you are digging through the dirt searching for diamonds. To play you have to know these keys: right - move right left - move left up - move up down - move down b - place bomb t - detonate bombs q - leave game By picking up a diamond (*) you get 10 points, picking up money ($) gives you 100 points. You get one extra life for every 1000 points you score. Move around with the arrow keys or the 2-4-8-6 keys. Press 'k' to commit suicide if you should get stuck. Got the bombs (%)? Great! Press 'b' to place them, and 't' to detonate them all at once. Note that the bombs you place will act just like stones, affected by gravity, rolling, and so on.. Watch out for monsters (M) -- if they catch you, you will die. To fight back, drop stones on them or blow them up using your bombs. Pressing 's' will enable/disable sound, 'w' will highlight your current position. EDITOR
The editor has its own keys you need to know: 0-9 - Keys 0-9 places objects s - Saves the map l - Enables lock-mode (lets you draw continuously using the arrow-keys) q - Quits the editor AUTHOR
Cavez of Phear was written by Tom Rune Flo <tom@x86.no>. This manual page was written by Hakon Nessjoen <haakon.nessjoen@gmail.com>, with parts of it written by Tom Rune Flo <tom@x86.no>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). November 30, 2011 PHEAR(6)

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