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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting A better way to compare text length percentage? Post 303046094 by sea on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 03:00:31 PM
Old 04-23-2020
echo ${#text1} ${#text2} |  awk '{print (100/$1*$2) }'

Hope this helps

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IDIFF(1)                                                      General Commands Manual                                                     IDIFF(1)

idiff - compare two images SYNOPSIS
idiff [options] image1 image2 DESCRIPTION
The idiff utility is invoked as follows: idiff [options] image1 image2 Where input1 and input2 are the names of two image files that should be compared. They may be of any format recognized by OpenImageIO (i.e., for which image-reading plugins are available). If the two input images are not the same resolutions, or do not have the same number of channels, the comparison will return FAILURE imme- diately and will not attempt to compare the pixels of the two images. If they are the same dimensions, the pixels of the two images will be compared, and a report will be printed including the mean and maximum error, how many pixels were above the warning and failure thresholds, and whether the result is PASS, WARNING, or FAILURE. For example: $ idiff a.jpg b.jpg Comparing "a.jpg" and "b.jpg" Mean error = 0.00450079 RMS error = 0.00764215 Peak SNR = 42.3357 Max error = 0.254902 @ (700, 222, B) 574062 pixels (82.1%) over 1e-06 574062 pixels (82.1%) over 1e-06 FAILURE The "mean error" is the average difference (per channel, per pixel). The "max error" is the largest difference in any pixel channel, and will point out on which pixel and channel it was found. It will also give a count of how many pixels were above the warning and failure thresholds. The metadata of the two images (e.g., the comments) are not currently compared; only differences in pixel values are taken into considera- tion. For a complete description, see /usr/share/doc/libopenimageio-dev/openimageio.pdf.gz. OPTIONS
--help Print help message -v Verbose status messages -a Compare all subimages/miplevels Thresholding and comparison options -fail %g Failure threshold difference (0.000001) -failpercent %g Allow this percentage of failures (0) -hardfail %g Fail if any one pixel exceeds this error (infinity) -warn %g Warning threshold difference (0.00001) -warnpercent %g Allow this percentage of warnings (0) -hardwarn %g Warn if any one pixel exceeds this error (infinity) -p Perform perceptual (rather than numeric) comparison Difference image options -o %s Output difference image -od Output image only if nonzero difference -abs Output image of absolute value, not signed difference -scale %g Scale the output image by this factor SEE ALSO
iconvert(1), igrep(1), iinfo(1), iprocess(1), iv(1), maketx(1), oiiotool(1). AUTHOR
OpenImageIO was written by Larry Gritz and the other authors and contributors. This manual page was written by IRIE Shinsuke <irieshinsuke@yahoo.co.jp>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). May 19, 2012 IDIFF(1)

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